His-Story Radio is a Biblical God Centered Internet Radio Station. All American and World History as well as Current Events are examined, analyzed, and reported in light of Biblical Scripture and from the perspective of Biblical God’s Judeo-Christian Ethic of the last 6,500 years. His-Story Radio also delivers Classic Christian Music and Worship 24/7 with the hope that Biblical God’s Holy Spirit ministers, comforts, challenges, and spiritually heals and resurrects. His-Story Radio is self-funded and accepts no donations or sponsorship dollars of any kind. The Affiliates and Advertisers we do have pay us on a commission basis (typically 10 to 20% of the net profit) only when you make a purchase with our link, promo code, etc.. We would never ask you to support our station by purchasing anything that you didn’t want or need. Promo codes in almost every case will ensure that you frequently pay less and certainly no more than you would buying direct. The station prayerfully appreciates any and all support from our audience viewers and listeners via our affiliates and advertisers that make sense for you as a small business or consumer. Freely we have been given, so freely we give.